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America, You Need To See It!!


My goal for this website is to be able to share with you the places that I travel to along the backroads of America. To the towns and townships that our fast paced society has left behind. The places that are truly the backbone of these United States. Places that everyone speaks so longingly for…and yet move away from chasing jobs, “social interaction”, the brighter side of life…all the reasons that we are bombarded with on a daily basis to keep pace with the world of NOW!

I will tell you that there will be times that my personal opinions and beliefs will leak out…that’s a promise…but I will also tell you that I will do my best to just “stick to the facts” dealing with the places and sites and people that I run into. The reason is that I so want for folks to get out of their little circles of daily life and EXPLORE this great land of ours!

With that being said, you don’t have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to find places that I speak of. In fact, sometimes you will find them just minutes from where you live, down that street or road that you pass every day and have wondered…”what’s down that road?”.

So hop on board and come with me as I explore this great land, the history of the land, the people that have made this land and still live out here!