Padre Island, TX

Padre Island Nat’l Seashore, TX is a really gorgeous area of Gulf of Mexico beaches, wetlands, dunes, birdlife & wildlife! I was able to be there May 2019…and for me it is a perfect time of the year! Never got too hot, no such thing as cold at night…just pleasant all the time I camped. You can camp right on the beach! It is grand!  The first 5 miles of the beach from where the road ends is packed and quite ample for RVs. The next 55+ miles are available for 4-wheeling & camping (as long as you are either tent camping or in a 4X4 rig). The only cost is the admission fee, good for 14 days of camping. If you don’t want to deal with a lot of traffic, then either early in the season or late in the season are the prime times for you to be there.
There is always, and I mean always!, a “breeze” on the beach….5-19 mph every day!  But it makes even the warm days quite comfortable. Fires are allowed, but you have to bring your own firewood. There are restrooms where the road meets the beach and a bunch of dumpsters. If you ask at the visitors center, they will furnish you with yellow trash bags to put trash in and to pick up trash off the beach. There is new flotsam trash each morning! And there are those folks that leave their trash! So if you will, take your trash out and spend a few hours picking up trash from the beach.
There is a really nice Visitors Center with gift shop. The volunteers there are helpful and have good information. There are also restrooms and showers at the center. The showers are free. Inside the boundary of the park are two campground areas. The main one is on the Gulf side just before you get to the Visitors Center. There are restrooms and showers there, also covered picnic tables at each site. There is a dump station as you drive down the road to the main campground. The dump station is free.
On the “inland” side of the park is another smaller campground area at the “wind surfing” shop area! You can rent wind surfing boards, lessons are available and there is also a boat launch area with a fairly large parking lot for vehicles and boat trailers.
I didn’t pay good enough attention to the NOAA broadcast & my weather apps were not real clear about the storm that was brewing in the Gulf on day 6! I almost paid the price for not being very attentive!!
I should have know when I took this picture that I had better get off the beach….DUH!
Storm surge pushed high tide 15+ feet past Europa!
Storm surge got me!
Driver side of Europa was pretty well in the clutches of the beach after the surge!!
Had to have daughter & her hubby come pull me out!!
But Padre Island is a very enjoyable spot on the Gulf Coast to spend time with your thoughts, Nature and friends!