Paria, UT

Paria (Pa-ree-uh), UT…southeast of Kanab, UT does not seem to be much! In fact, you will not see hardly anything there…except fabulous vistas, great roads to drive along to see the desert up close & personal. If you look up the history for it you will see that the area started out as a settlement in the 1800’s. But that didn’t work out due mainly to weather conditions. There is a “river” that runs through the land there, but it is mainly just a trickle except for the monsoon season.  It seems that it’s main claim to fame is the fact that it was built up the mid-1950’s as a movie set! Vandals got into it and burned it down once, and it was rebuilt as a movie set again. Then there was another act of vandalism and the buildings were burned down again. Needless to say…it has not been rebuilt!

There is parking there, several picnic table sites & several hiking trails. And you can just wander around the desert as you wish! You might see mountain sheep if you are lucky. There is an area at the turnoff on the highway where you can set up camp (RV) and stay while you visit the area. I stayed there for 4 or 5 nights. “5 Mile Mtn” is a few miles south of the entrance to Paria. It is a really pleasant drive up to the top of the mountain, where there are a couple of communication towers and quite a fabulous view of the area! In the whole area there are no “facilities”, so you are on your own for food, water, bathrooms, etc.

So if you want to be out and away from the crowds, able to get close to nature, have time to just contemplate life…this is a great stopover for those activities.

Dawn at Paria, UT Wind Sculptures Lots of roads to explore Railroad Wheels from Mining days Old mine Mining Equipment left Sunset at Paria, UT