Longwood Gardens

It has been several years since I visited Longwood Gardens, located in Kennett Square, PA. I stumbled on a group of pictures that I took while there and just wanted to share them with you! It is a gorgeous botanical garden! One of my most favorite stops over the years of traveling the US.
It was the home of Pierre DuPont. And what a home it was and what a “greenhouse” it grew into! It is not a one day visit if you are really going to appreciate the scope of this place!  I spent 3 days wandering around the property while taking a break from the road. I was still driving a truck at the time and I couldn’t get enough of the gardens, “Conservatory” and the history of the place! It is truly beyond comprehension just what all is in Longwood Gardens!
Below are some of the couple of hundred pictures I took while wandering the place! And when I say “wandering”…the entire complex covers over 1,000 acres! The public gardens part is a couple of hundred acres….the rest is what “feeds” the public part of the gardens! I was fortunate to get to know the head of security when I visited and he took me on a ride through the “non-public” parts of the gardens! It was a real education to get to see just what all it took to keep the atrium, public gardens and physical plant going! It is like a tiny city!
The website for the gardens is www.longwoodgardens.org. Even their website is awesome. The foundation is very active in the community and offers all sorts of educational and historical and entertainment activities. If you are ever able to get to Kennett Square, PA I highly recommend taking a couple of days to visit this grand garden!!
(A quick note…the couple of videos are shot several years ago when digital video integrated with a Canon still camera was just beginning! So please forgive the poor quality compared with today’s videos. But it all had to start somewhere…these were cutting edge technology when I was shooting with it!!)
Park River Atrium #1

Atrium Granite Floor #2

Bell Tower Chimes Time