Heading more or less East!!

 🚐🐸I still have my “love/hate” relationship with technology!! Worked an hour and a half 2 days ago on a post…not sure what key/keys I hit, BUT…all except the last 2 lines disappeared!! So I’ve taken a two day break in trying and hit the road!! 👍🐸🚐😫😓😟I will start over tonight on that post, as it will be a LONG post! LOL! I wanted to let you know I’m almost across NM, spent the night in Roswell, NM after getting tires…a whole set!  😤😥🙄🤑  But hopefully I’ve finally conquered the issues of the sidewalls breaking down in 5000 miles or less!

I’ll be in TX tonight, headed for Post, TX to stop & see two museums there. The post I lost covered 2 stops I made coming across NM…at the VLA (Very Large Array Radio Telescope site)
and Gran Quivira Pueblo. More on them soon!
There’s a big artic front headed this way, so not sure what all I’m running into except for sure COLD temps!!

What’s my favorite place?

I’ve had so many people ask me where my favorite place is. And you know what…I really can’t answer that. I’ve had an opportunity that many folks have just thought about or dreamed of. I’ve been to all 50 states (the lower 48 more times than I can count) and I’ve been to 39 different countries.
What I have come to realize is that everywhere you can go to has something that will be pleasing to any- and everyone! There are places that I prefer depending on the season. I like the high mountains out west, 8,000 ft elevation during the summer.  In the winter I prefer the desert. My prefered operational daily temperature is 47f ot 75f! And the lower the humidity the happier I am!
The other thing to remember is that there is always a sunrise and a sunset everywhere you can go! Those are also my two favorite times of the day!
So I wanted to share a few of my pictures with from across the USA!
Some these are from 10+ years ago! So I can’t remember the location of most of them, I would grab a pic while driving my rig!
Hope you enjoy these. I’m in the middle of putting together a slide show with many more pictures. Before long I hope to have several “albums” on my gallery page by areas and locations visited.

Arizona Summer Pt 2

Off the Grid….Watching Football!

Well, I am off the grid…but my love/hate relationship with technology continues!!

When you enjoy a good football game as I do, this is about as good as it gets!  68*, clear skies, batteries getting a good charge, with a great view in the woods….a little technology CAN be good for the spirits!! 
It was a good week. Stayed home most of the week, did some reading, worked on Europa some, had a couple of fires and just enjoyed the good weather.
I’ll be on the road in a couple of weeks. Will be headed West…possible stops – Petrified Forest NP, Walnut Canyon NM, Death Valley, London Bridge, Big Bend NP. But cost of gas & weather will be the determining factors!
So follow along…you never know what we might find!
C’ya out here one day!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

AZ Summer in 4 Minutes

Back in/on the “Info Grid”!

“Head of the Ditch” CG…In a 1000 ft gorge!
After two weeks at the “Head of the Ditch” campground (CG) in the Gila Nat’l Forest (NF), I’m back in the Apache-Sitegreaves NF! And actually got back to my favorite site here! It’s hunting season, but there just doesn’t seem to be nearly as many here as there was last year.
The nice thing about the “Ditch” CG is that there is basically no traffic there…except for Labor Day Weekend! OH MY!!!  The CG was FULL for 4 days! And I mean full!  LOL! But as fast as it filled up on Thur/Fri…it was empty by 10:30am on that Monday!
Head of the Ditch CG…EMPTY! That’s the way I like them!
The only downside to the “Ditch”…1,200 ft lower than here, not much breeze at all & a WHOLE LOT warmer than where I am now at 8,600 ft!
Made a couple of Forest Road forays while camped in NM. Came back to Apache-Sitgreaves for the drives, mainly because there is such a change in the soils in that 20 mile distance! It is much more a caleachy  type of soil and the least little rain and it’s like driving on a skid pad! I have regular tires on Sidekick right now…that won’t happen again!  I’m going to have my WinterForce tires or maybe some type of AT tires from now on. Almost got stuck on dry ground because could not get enough traction to pull over a fairly nasty hump on a logging road I was checking out!
And, in case aren’t following me on InstaGram, on one of my drives I came across one of the Mexican wolves that they have spent the past 11+ years re-introducing into the area. And there is quite a bit of “disagreement” with the locals about that project! But tis fellow was trotting down the middle of the road when I came upon him, got into the grass but showed no real signs of wanting to work real hard at getting away from me.
I keep forgetting to ask someone about the tracking collar that it has on. How often do they look for them, etc. But it was neat to see one this close just trucking along!
That pretty well catches things up. I’m trying to figure out what my travel itinerary is going to be when I pull out of the area in a few weeks. So stay tuned! Plus over the next few days I’ll be uploading a bunch of pictures of the area.
Take care & hope to see you out here one day!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

It’s been a good week!

Good Morning World

Woke up this morning to a nice moon still hanging around! It has been pretty much dry this week. Which has been nice, everything drying out before another round of rain hits this coming weekend. It has warmed up just a tad…high’s in the mid 80’s. Lows in the lower 50’s. But more rain and cooler days are on the way!

Made a quick trip into NM & the Gila Nat’l Forest. Found some nice campsites…and decided I needed to put my other tires on to be able to get into a lot of the places I go into!
Found a lovely stream while in the Gila. It was sooo relaxing! And the area there is pretty also. But driving on those roads was like driving on a sponge!

Moved to a new site…lots of space & quite peaceful.

As you drive around the mountains & valleys you realize something….there seems to be something new emitting pollen each week!!  Since I’ve arrived in this area there seems to be a new flower every 7-10 days! They are beautiful…but my sinuses sure don’t like them!  LOL!

I’ve finally seen deer in the campsite!  I was beginning to wonder where they had gone! But there’s a young buck with 2 does that were here this morning. And when I came back from looking for firewood, they were just down the hill from my site.

You have to look close, but while looking for firewood I came across this gorgeous Great Horned Owl! He was awesome…and huge! It was dark in the woods and LOTS of small limbs between us, but I grabbed a shot of him before he decided he didn’t care for my presence.

That about covers the week! Lots of reading, watched some football, listened to a bunch of football, read quite a bit more…and played with this new tablet & data connection, which is why I’m actually able to do updates!

Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram, I have started posting quite a bit on there since getting the tablet & data connection!

Take care & hope to see you out here soon!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Did some driving today…..

Drive along two forest roads today, about 23.miles in the mountains. The burned trunks you see are from the “Wallow Fire” in 2011. The area is just now beginning to recover from the fire.
I hope the little video does it justice! The area is just beautiful, even with the fire damage.
Just wanted to share it with you. The nite temperatures are dropping to low 50’s/high 40’s. We’ve actually been dry today and they’re calling for one or two more dry days before the rains are back.
Hope this finds everyone doing well! For those of you feeling with the triple digit temps…I’m sorry!
Hope to see some of you out here soon!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Peaceful in the woods!!!

Running Forest Roads
Spent time today running a few of the “forest roads” here in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest. It’s monsoon season here and it is in full swing. You can tell by the clouds in the pic.  It does keep it nice & cool here!
Drove 15 minutes east of Alpine, AZ into NM and the Gila Nat’l Forest and drove several of the Forest Roads there scouting out campsites. Came across this stream…sooo peaceful!!

I have moved to a new site here in Apache-Sitreaves Nat’l Forest. It is on a hilltop with more breeze & sun. So it seems cooler even in the sun. My solar really likes it!
I’ll be here for at least 4 more weeks. From here…still not really sure where I’ll head. It all depends on what the “Hi’s” are just which direction I end up heading!

My buddy Pete had to head back to “the flatlands” (Pheonix) earlier than expected.  🙁  Some health issues cut short our travel plans. So we reset & make plans for later on down the road.
Keep checking back. We are back in the atlases & maps to plan out our travels in the months after we pull out from the mountains & woods!
OH!  And I want to say here….Thanks!….to my daughter & her hubby, Tiffany & Cary, for getting me on their cell plan with a data link…because of that data service I am currently sitting in the woods, way in the woods, doing this update & watching pre-season football!  LOL!  So my updates should be of a more timely nature!
Hope to C’ya out here soon!!!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Made it to AZ!!

Have made it to AZ! Actually, I’ve been here over a week!  But right after arriving in Alpine, AZ Post Office parking lot to get my P.O. Box…Europa decided that she had traveled enough! And she would not crank!  Soooo…6 nights, 4 round trips to Springerville, AZ later she is finally cranking!  And running!  Replaced the starter…3 times! Case broke on the first one, 2nd one was dead out of the box!  Then had to wait from Saturday until last Tuesday for starter 3 to get in. Finally found the starter relay and replaced it also.
After all that, Europa still wouldn’t crank with the ignition switch. Soooo…I have installed a spring loaded toggle switch that does energize the solenoid on the starter…and crank she does!
So I’m finally IN THE WOODS!!!! And so glad!  It has been really good weather overall. It is monsoon season here so almost every afternoon/evening we get some sort of precip! Either just a sprinkle or a full blown thunderstorm! We even get hail mixed in with the “good” storms!  But the humidity drops back down immediately and all is GOOD!
Should be in this spot for probably 4-6 more days. Good spot, right off the main “Forest Road 249” in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest. Can stay for 14 days at this spot then need/have to move to another site 5+ miles away. It has always seemed rather silly to me, but I can also understand the reasoning for it…so other campers can have a spot to camp! 🐸 LOL
The area is gorgeous! It was a huge volcanic area a few thousand years ago so the geography of the area is awesome!

I’ll be in this area of AZ for the next 4-6 weeks at least! When September gets here I’ll be looking for the temperatures north of here to follow the cool weather for September! As of now I am not sure just where I will be after the first of September. All I know is that I will not be headed South until the average highs dip below 80f!
Keep checking in with us to see where we end up and what we find! I’ll be putting up some more pics of the area after we do some driving around this coming week. There is really a lot of gorgeous country to see out here! And I especially love the desert and the high plains desert area of the country.
C’ya out here soon hopefully!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers!