It’s been a good week!

Good Morning World

Woke up this morning to a nice moon still hanging around! It has been pretty much dry this week. Which has been nice, everything drying out before another round of rain hits this coming weekend. It has warmed up just a tad…high’s in the mid 80’s. Lows in the lower 50’s. But more rain and cooler days are on the way!

Made a quick trip into NM & the Gila Nat’l Forest. Found some nice campsites…and decided I needed to put my other tires on to be able to get into a lot of the places I go into!
Found a lovely stream while in the Gila. It was sooo relaxing! And the area there is pretty also. But driving on those roads was like driving on a sponge!

Moved to a new site…lots of space & quite peaceful.

As you drive around the mountains & valleys you realize something….there seems to be something new emitting pollen each week!!  Since I’ve arrived in this area there seems to be a new flower every 7-10 days! They are beautiful…but my sinuses sure don’t like them!  LOL!

I’ve finally seen deer in the campsite!  I was beginning to wonder where they had gone! But there’s a young buck with 2 does that were here this morning. And when I came back from looking for firewood, they were just down the hill from my site.

You have to look close, but while looking for firewood I came across this gorgeous Great Horned Owl! He was awesome…and huge! It was dark in the woods and LOTS of small limbs between us, but I grabbed a shot of him before he decided he didn’t care for my presence.

That about covers the week! Lots of reading, watched some football, listened to a bunch of football, read quite a bit more…and played with this new tablet & data connection, which is why I’m actually able to do updates!

Don’t forget to check us out on Instagram, I have started posting quite a bit on there since getting the tablet & data connection!

Take care & hope to see you out here soon!!

Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Did some driving today…..

Drive along two forest roads today, about 23.miles in the mountains. The burned trunks you see are from the “Wallow Fire” in 2011. The area is just now beginning to recover from the fire.
I hope the little video does it justice! The area is just beautiful, even with the fire damage.
Just wanted to share it with you. The nite temperatures are dropping to low 50’s/high 40’s. We’ve actually been dry today and they’re calling for one or two more dry days before the rains are back.
Hope this finds everyone doing well! For those of you feeling with the triple digit temps…I’m sorry!
Hope to see some of you out here soon!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Peaceful in the woods!!!

Running Forest Roads
Spent time today running a few of the “forest roads” here in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest. It’s monsoon season here and it is in full swing. You can tell by the clouds in the pic.  It does keep it nice & cool here!
Drove 15 minutes east of Alpine, AZ into NM and the Gila Nat’l Forest and drove several of the Forest Roads there scouting out campsites. Came across this stream…sooo peaceful!!

I have moved to a new site here in Apache-Sitreaves Nat’l Forest. It is on a hilltop with more breeze & sun. So it seems cooler even in the sun. My solar really likes it!
I’ll be here for at least 4 more weeks. From here…still not really sure where I’ll head. It all depends on what the “Hi’s” are just which direction I end up heading!

My buddy Pete had to head back to “the flatlands” (Pheonix) earlier than expected.  🙁  Some health issues cut short our travel plans. So we reset & make plans for later on down the road.
Keep checking back. We are back in the atlases & maps to plan out our travels in the months after we pull out from the mountains & woods!
OH!  And I want to say here….Thanks!….to my daughter & her hubby, Tiffany & Cary, for getting me on their cell plan with a data link…because of that data service I am currently sitting in the woods, way in the woods, doing this update & watching pre-season football!  LOL!  So my updates should be of a more timely nature!
Hope to C’ya out here soon!!!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Made it to AZ!!

Have made it to AZ! Actually, I’ve been here over a week!  But right after arriving in Alpine, AZ Post Office parking lot to get my P.O. Box…Europa decided that she had traveled enough! And she would not crank!  Soooo…6 nights, 4 round trips to Springerville, AZ later she is finally cranking!  And running!  Replaced the starter…3 times! Case broke on the first one, 2nd one was dead out of the box!  Then had to wait from Saturday until last Tuesday for starter 3 to get in. Finally found the starter relay and replaced it also.
After all that, Europa still wouldn’t crank with the ignition switch. Soooo…I have installed a spring loaded toggle switch that does energize the solenoid on the starter…and crank she does!
So I’m finally IN THE WOODS!!!! And so glad!  It has been really good weather overall. It is monsoon season here so almost every afternoon/evening we get some sort of precip! Either just a sprinkle or a full blown thunderstorm! We even get hail mixed in with the “good” storms!  But the humidity drops back down immediately and all is GOOD!
Should be in this spot for probably 4-6 more days. Good spot, right off the main “Forest Road 249” in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest. Can stay for 14 days at this spot then need/have to move to another site 5+ miles away. It has always seemed rather silly to me, but I can also understand the reasoning for it…so other campers can have a spot to camp! 🐸 LOL
The area is gorgeous! It was a huge volcanic area a few thousand years ago so the geography of the area is awesome!

I’ll be in this area of AZ for the next 4-6 weeks at least! When September gets here I’ll be looking for the temperatures north of here to follow the cool weather for September! As of now I am not sure just where I will be after the first of September. All I know is that I will not be headed South until the average highs dip below 80f!
Keep checking in with us to see where we end up and what we find! I’ll be putting up some more pics of the area after we do some driving around this coming week. There is really a lot of gorgeous country to see out here! And I especially love the desert and the high plains desert area of the country.
C’ya out here soon hopefully!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers!

Headed West!

Headed West to higher and hopefully cooler climates! First day was WARM! LOL! Quite warm! But other than the heat, it was good driving.
Stopped a second time to try to let the critters cool off some. There was a good breeze, but still it was hot!
Snickers is still not highly impressed being on a lead!
First night out was at one of my favorite picnic areas in Tx! It’s about 11 miles East of Brownfield, Tx.  It is almost always a nice, quiet, cool and clean stop…and so it was once again!
Second night out and we’re 30 miles West of Lincoln, NM. Have spent quite a few nights at this picnic area (NM calls it a Rest Area…no restrooms). It is on the side of the mountain, just shy of the top and normally a quiet stop after dark, which it has been tonight! And the moon was just awesome!
We’re covering more miles than normal each day, due to how late a start we got this year! The “late start” though has allowed me to get Europa into much better shape for the road. She’s been running great, been getting better mpg’s and now has 400w of solar on the roof! So the delay was well worth it!
Our third night out should be in Alpine, AZ. That will be our location until the first week of September…depending on the weather! Keep checking back to see what we find there!
Hope to c’ya out here soon!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Headed West in the morning!

AYNTSI will be headed West in the morning right after sunrise! It is finally time! By this time next week we will be somewhere settled into the ApacheSitgreaves Nat’l Forest!  Camping off the grid! It was around 75f for a hi yesterday! Can’t wait! From there will be headed to west AZ, up into NV (The Great Basin Nat’l Park)…then depending on weather and the price of gas I’ll be letting you know where we’re headed!
As a send off Mother Nature sent us an awesome block of thunderstorms yesterday! They would have been fabulous if it hadn’t been for the winds! We got 2+ inches of rain in under 2 hours. The winds knocked down several LARGE tree limbs from the pecan tree in the backyard.
Keep checking with us. We’ll be on the road for at least 5+ months out West. And be sure to check out the AYNTSI Store, there will be several travel/site pamphlets there in the next few months.

Hope  to C’ya out here soon!!

Well….Still 6 days to go!!

I am no longer able to handle the heat in this part of the country very well, so needless to say I work for a few hours each morning then head for a cool corner for the day! I have Europa’s interior about ready for the road, still need to finish a few mechanical things on her and on Sidekick! So hopefully will be on the road by next Tuesday or Wednesday. Have whittled my list down from 21 items to 7! The road is getting close!!

6 Days to go!

Europa is running much better. Have a little more tuning/tweaking to do, but…oh so much better! I can actually drive along & talk on the phone now! I can even hear my thoughts! LOL! We’ve lightened the load even more during our stay with the kids in NRH, but it is “wandering time” again.
We’ll be on the back roads to Alpine, AZ area.  Should take about 6-8 days to get there. Meeting my friend Pete and will be dirt camping in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest 5-8 weeks.
Not exactly sure of  the itinerary from there except will be headed for the Great Basin NP, NV….then want to make it to the General Sherman Tree in CA….would like to get to Death Valley & The London Bridge on this circuit. Planning on being on the road until mid-November. Then back in the DFW Metro to work with Toys-For-Tots another Xmas season.
So hopefully you will tag along with us on this journey.
Still working on the website! I should have some more pictures in the gallery soon, working on a couple of videos/slideshows from sites we’ve been to over the past few years (playing catch-up!) Also working on some travel pamphlets that I hope to have available in the next few weeks. It will all be in our AYNTSI store as soon as possible.
So time to get to higher elevations for the next couple of months….places to go, things to see & share!
Hope to c’ya out here soon!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

Closer each day!!

It’s getting closer and closer!! Have most of it back together! Might still have 1 bolt issue…I’ll know better this evening. Cross your fingers!! The 23rd is getting close!!