What’s my favorite place?

I’ve had so many people ask me where my favorite place is. And you know what…I really can’t answer that. I’ve had an opportunity that many folks have just thought about or dreamed of. I’ve been to all 50 states (the lower 48 more times than I can count) and I’ve been to 39 different countries.
What I have come to realize is that everywhere you can go to has something that will be pleasing to any- and everyone! There are places that I prefer depending on the season. I like the high mountains out west, 8,000 ft elevation during the summer.  In the winter I prefer the desert. My prefered operational daily temperature is 47f ot 75f! And the lower the humidity the happier I am!
The other thing to remember is that there is always a sunrise and a sunset everywhere you can go! Those are also my two favorite times of the day!
So I wanted to share a few of my pictures with from across the USA!
Some these are from 10+ years ago! So I can’t remember the location of most of them, I would grab a pic while driving my rig!
Hope you enjoy these. I’m in the middle of putting together a slide show with many more pictures. Before long I hope to have several “albums” on my gallery page by areas and locations visited.

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