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“Head of the Ditch” CG…In a 1000 ft gorge!
After two weeks at the “Head of the Ditch” campground (CG) in the Gila Nat’l Forest (NF), I’m back in the Apache-Sitegreaves NF! And actually got back to my favorite site here! It’s hunting season, but there just doesn’t seem to be nearly as many here as there was last year.
The nice thing about the “Ditch” CG is that there is basically no traffic there…except for Labor Day Weekend! OH MY!!!  The CG was FULL for 4 days! And I mean full!  LOL! But as fast as it filled up on Thur/Fri…it was empty by 10:30am on that Monday!
Head of the Ditch CG…EMPTY! That’s the way I like them!
The only downside to the “Ditch”…1,200 ft lower than here, not much breeze at all & a WHOLE LOT warmer than where I am now at 8,600 ft!
Made a couple of Forest Road forays while camped in NM. Came back to Apache-Sitgreaves for the drives, mainly because there is such a change in the soils in that 20 mile distance! It is much more a caleachy  type of soil and the least little rain and it’s like driving on a skid pad! I have regular tires on Sidekick right now…that won’t happen again!  I’m going to have my WinterForce tires or maybe some type of AT tires from now on. Almost got stuck on dry ground because could not get enough traction to pull over a fairly nasty hump on a logging road I was checking out!
And, in case aren’t following me on InstaGram, on one of my drives I came across one of the Mexican wolves that they have spent the past 11+ years re-introducing into the area. And there is quite a bit of “disagreement” with the locals about that project! But tis fellow was trotting down the middle of the road when I came upon him, got into the grass but showed no real signs of wanting to work real hard at getting away from me.
I keep forgetting to ask someone about the tracking collar that it has on. How often do they look for them, etc. But it was neat to see one this close just trucking along!
That pretty well catches things up. I’m trying to figure out what my travel itinerary is going to be when I pull out of the area in a few weeks. So stay tuned! Plus over the next few days I’ll be uploading a bunch of pictures of the area.
Take care & hope to see you out here one day!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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