Peaceful in the woods!!!

Running Forest Roads
Spent time today running a few of the “forest roads” here in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest. It’s monsoon season here and it is in full swing. You can tell by the clouds in the pic.  It does keep it nice & cool here!
Drove 15 minutes east of Alpine, AZ into NM and the Gila Nat’l Forest and drove several of the Forest Roads there scouting out campsites. Came across this stream…sooo peaceful!!

I have moved to a new site here in Apache-Sitreaves Nat’l Forest. It is on a hilltop with more breeze & sun. So it seems cooler even in the sun. My solar really likes it!
I’ll be here for at least 4 more weeks. From here…still not really sure where I’ll head. It all depends on what the “Hi’s” are just which direction I end up heading!

My buddy Pete had to head back to “the flatlands” (Pheonix) earlier than expected.  🙁  Some health issues cut short our travel plans. So we reset & make plans for later on down the road.
Keep checking back. We are back in the atlases & maps to plan out our travels in the months after we pull out from the mountains & woods!
OH!  And I want to say here….Thanks!….to my daughter & her hubby, Tiffany & Cary, for getting me on their cell plan with a data link…because of that data service I am currently sitting in the woods, way in the woods, doing this update & watching pre-season football!  LOL!  So my updates should be of a more timely nature!
Hope to C’ya out here soon!!!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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