Made it to AZ!!

Have made it to AZ! Actually, I’ve been here over a week!  But right after arriving in Alpine, AZ Post Office parking lot to get my P.O. Box…Europa decided that she had traveled enough! And she would not crank!  Soooo…6 nights, 4 round trips to Springerville, AZ later she is finally cranking!  And running!  Replaced the starter…3 times! Case broke on the first one, 2nd one was dead out of the box!  Then had to wait from Saturday until last Tuesday for starter 3 to get in. Finally found the starter relay and replaced it also.
After all that, Europa still wouldn’t crank with the ignition switch. Soooo…I have installed a spring loaded toggle switch that does energize the solenoid on the starter…and crank she does!
So I’m finally IN THE WOODS!!!! And so glad!  It has been really good weather overall. It is monsoon season here so almost every afternoon/evening we get some sort of precip! Either just a sprinkle or a full blown thunderstorm! We even get hail mixed in with the “good” storms!  But the humidity drops back down immediately and all is GOOD!
Should be in this spot for probably 4-6 more days. Good spot, right off the main “Forest Road 249” in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest. Can stay for 14 days at this spot then need/have to move to another site 5+ miles away. It has always seemed rather silly to me, but I can also understand the reasoning for it…so other campers can have a spot to camp! 🐸 LOL
The area is gorgeous! It was a huge volcanic area a few thousand years ago so the geography of the area is awesome!

I’ll be in this area of AZ for the next 4-6 weeks at least! When September gets here I’ll be looking for the temperatures north of here to follow the cool weather for September! As of now I am not sure just where I will be after the first of September. All I know is that I will not be headed South until the average highs dip below 80f!
Keep checking in with us to see where we end up and what we find! I’ll be putting up some more pics of the area after we do some driving around this coming week. There is really a lot of gorgeous country to see out here! And I especially love the desert and the high plains desert area of the country.
C’ya out here soon hopefully!!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers!

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