Headed West!

Headed West to higher and hopefully cooler climates! First day was WARM! LOL! Quite warm! But other than the heat, it was good driving.
Stopped a second time to try to let the critters cool off some. There was a good breeze, but still it was hot!
Snickers is still not highly impressed being on a lead!
First night out was at one of my favorite picnic areas in Tx! It’s about 11 miles East of Brownfield, Tx.  It is almost always a nice, quiet, cool and clean stop…and so it was once again!
Second night out and we’re 30 miles West of Lincoln, NM. Have spent quite a few nights at this picnic area (NM calls it a Rest Area…no restrooms). It is on the side of the mountain, just shy of the top and normally a quiet stop after dark, which it has been tonight! And the moon was just awesome!
We’re covering more miles than normal each day, due to how late a start we got this year! The “late start” though has allowed me to get Europa into much better shape for the road. She’s been running great, been getting better mpg’s and now has 400w of solar on the roof! So the delay was well worth it!
Our third night out should be in Alpine, AZ. That will be our location until the first week of September…depending on the weather! Keep checking back to see what we find there!
Hope to c’ya out here soon!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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  1. Well old man where are you ?
    I have to do my military duty tomorrow at the change of command , and at the dance tomorrow night
    I even get to meet the new co, at his request this time , I don’t even have to make an appointment .Have a good evening .

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