Headed West in the morning!

AYNTSI will be headed West in the morning right after sunrise! It is finally time! By this time next week we will be somewhere settled into the ApacheSitgreaves Nat’l Forest!  Camping off the grid! It was around 75f for a hi yesterday! Can’t wait! From there will be headed to west AZ, up into NV (The Great Basin Nat’l Park)…then depending on weather and the price of gas I’ll be letting you know where we’re headed!
As a send off Mother Nature sent us an awesome block of thunderstorms yesterday! They would have been fabulous if it hadn’t been for the winds! We got 2+ inches of rain in under 2 hours. The winds knocked down several LARGE tree limbs from the pecan tree in the backyard.
Keep checking with us. We’ll be on the road for at least 5+ months out West. And be sure to check out the AYNTSI Store, there will be several travel/site pamphlets there in the next few months.

Hope  to C’ya out here soon!!

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