6 Days to go!

Europa is running much better. Have a little more tuning/tweaking to do, but…oh so much better! I can actually drive along & talk on the phone now! I can even hear my thoughts! LOL! We’ve lightened the load even more during our stay with the kids in NRH, but it is “wandering time” again.
We’ll be on the back roads to Alpine, AZ area.  Should take about 6-8 days to get there. Meeting my friend Pete and will be dirt camping in the Apache-Sitgreaves Nat’l Forest 5-8 weeks.
Not exactly sure of  the itinerary from there except will be headed for the Great Basin NP, NV….then want to make it to the General Sherman Tree in CA….would like to get to Death Valley & The London Bridge on this circuit. Planning on being on the road until mid-November. Then back in the DFW Metro to work with Toys-For-Tots another Xmas season.
So hopefully you will tag along with us on this journey.
Still working on the website! I should have some more pictures in the gallery soon, working on a couple of videos/slideshows from sites we’ve been to over the past few years (playing catch-up!) Also working on some travel pamphlets that I hope to have available in the next few weeks. It will all be in our AYNTSI store as soon as possible.
So time to get to higher elevations for the next couple of months….places to go, things to see & share!
Hope to c’ya out here soon!
Frog, Abbie & Snickers

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