Getting closer to Road Ready!!

Was able to drop it off without removing the intake manifold or the head on that side. And there don’t seem to be any sheared off bolts!!

Succeeded today in getting the exhaust manifold off! So glad! And from what I can tell, there are no sheared off bolts. Hope to remove it from the engine compartment tomorrow, clean it up & re-tap the bold holes and have it back on with a new gasket and running by this weekend!! Which will mean that I’m “back on schedule” for my departure date to head West for 9000 foot elevation!!  Time to get away from this heat!!

If all goes well, I’ll be headed for AZ around the 21st of June. Back to the Alpine, AZ area. Will be in that area until early September probably. Still have not decided on where I’ll head from there! But I’ll be headed somewhere!  LOL!

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