Almost got swamped!!

Found a nook about 1 mile down the beach from the pavement and thought…”this is going to be a glorious week or two!!!”  WELL…….

I spent 6 nights on the Padre Island North Beach, and it was beautiful! The dunes are amazing, the bird life is large and close, the ghost crabs will make a home right next to your chair & the deer come in close in the evenings to forage! It really was a great experience!

Now that being said, let me expand by saying when you go to a new place….beach, mountains, dessert….try to find a local that knows the area & double check what you are planning to do.  LOL!  AND make sure you have a weather app or radio that gives you accurate, timely conditions & upcoming conditions!

Don’t camp where when you open the door the next morning you’re looking at the tide overrunning your campsite!! DUH!!

You know your day is NOT off to a good start when the first thing you see when you open the door in the morning is tide foam and your welcome mat missing!!

That being as it might have been, it is nice when you can call one of your kids….why else do we have them?!?!?!?….to ask if they and their hubby can come and bail your butt out of trouble on that lovely beach you were going to spend 12 days on!!!  LOL!

That’s my “baby” daughter, Tera, digging a ramp out for one of the rear tires!

And lo &  behold, they show up with a TRUCK that can pull an elephant’s tusk out!!! And 30 minutes after they get there, I’m driving my “mobile tiny-home” back up the beach to solid ground!!

As I’ve mentioned in some of my posts & writings in the past….try to learn from my mistakes so you don’t end up making the same ones! I know it is so easy to learn from personal experience…but sometimes it is a lot easier on the emotions to learn from other’s mistakes!!

Parked on the street in front of Tera & Greg’s new house.

And after my week at the beach, it is kind of nice to be level, not dealing with the sand, spray, salt, average of 17+mph wind 24/7…LOL!…but I still long for the woods and wilderness of the dessert, and being on the back roads seeing what we have left in the dust!!!

I’ll be here another few days, and plan on driving around and seeing what else I can find that would be a good reason to come to the Corpus Christi area. OH! I do know that the USS Lexington aircraft carrier (Visit the USS Lexington)  is on permanent berth here. It is something to see!!

And the Texas State Aquarium. And of course Padre Island National Seashore And there are some really good seafood restaurants on the beach to visit!

So more to come in the next few days!!  C’ya!!



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