On the Beach! Rain & All!

Set up my camp right past the high tide line!

Got my spot all set up yesterday evening. In a pretty good spot from what I can tell.  High tide did get a little close….as in up to my tires!  But Europa sat just fine, Sidekick did well also. On firm ground/sand, no sinking at all. Did put a couple of 4X4’s I found by Europa’s tires, and there was no “erosion” at all around the tires.

A very beautiful scenic area of coast!

It has been rainy & overcast all day. In fact, under severe t’storm watches & warnings since 0800. But the worst of the storms have passed to the north of me .Corpus Christi & Port Aransas are about 21+ miles north, and they have been getting hammered!

Pelican flight! They’re always “patrolling” up & down the beach.

It was hot yesterday, winds avg 11-15mph, water choppy.  Today it has been cooler thanks to the rain & overcast skies. Winds here have only been averaging +/- 7mph. I’m actually enjoying the day! I’ll withhold judgement on the beach life for a few more days!  But as of right now, I much prefer the overcast & rainy days!

Abbie smells things that she’s never smelled before! Gonna wear her nose out!!

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